Monthly Archives: April 2009

Win32 EICAR Creator

Source and Executable Here I had posted earlier about the EICAR virus. Threw together a simple prog to spit out the virus to any location for testing of antivirus programs. Usage: eicar.exe . Let me know if it comes in handy, I’ll show an example of some creative uses later.

Aimsniff v0.2 – includes authentication dump

Source Code Here Fixed up some of the code so that we get less garble on certain packets. We still see that sometimes and it appears that it’s either retrans or fragmented packets, need to do some more debugging to find out. Newest feature is dumping the authentication challenge and response hash. Both of these […]

AIM OSCAR Authentication Process

So I wanted to include a routine in the aim sniffer to dump the authentication challenge and response hash to allow for brute forcing of the users password. Took some time to find the correct documentation on the OSCAR protocol but once I did it was pretty straightforward. Below is the basic process. 1. Server […]