My name is Tyler Wrightson. I am the founder of LeetSystems Cybersecurity which focuses primarily on assisting organizations to secure themselves using the benefits of offensive security and penetration testing.

I have been a speaker, instructor, author, consultant, and am a fanatic for anything security related. I have many industry standard certifications; CISSP, CCSP, MCSE etc. Email me if you’d like a copy of my CV.

I am the author of these titles, and might be working on a third book soon.

Wireless Network Security – A Beginners Guide

Advanced Persistent Threat Hacking

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  1. Mike Collins · · Reply

    Hi Tyler.

    Congratulations on an excellent blog – first class information. I’ve just read your article about Credential Providers – something I’ve been working on for a while.

    I was wondering, your sample code doesn’t include any of the CP filter aspects – would you be prepared to share at all? I’m working on a development and we need a CP Filter and I can’t find any working samples anywhere.

    Here’s hoping. Keep up the good work,

    Best regards,

    Mike Collins

    1. twrightson · · Reply

      I included fully functional filter code in CSampleProvider.cpp. If you search for ‘HRESULT CLMSFilter::Filter’ you’ll see the worker code. Currently it only filters out the default password provider but it is very trivial to have it filter out all other credential providers. I included a quick snippet in the original blog post detailing how this would be possible. Let me know if you need help implementing.

  2. Hi Tyler –
    I have a question about the key string stuff…. i appreciate the each keystroke being logged…. but i just need to gather the tile (username) password and domain values when the logon orb is clicked. Where do i capture those values at? Thank you

  3. Really an awesome blog i found after a decade of my security experience… your research and blogs are just opt for professional PT consultants…. Thanks a lot for spending time and sharing your work to world..

    1. twrightson · · Reply

      You’re very welcome. I’m glad you found it useful.

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