Aimsniff v0.1

Source Code Here
Here’s a simple console Aim Sniffer I had written a while ago. Great for getting familiar with libpcap. The output is not necessarily pretty but great for those impromptu sniffing sessions. If you look at the source code I hardly commented this code at all which is a shame because the OSCAR protocol has a lot of offsets that I had to figure out myself by dumping packets with tcpdump. About the time I was wrapping up on this program my friend pointed out this link That would have been very handy and in the words of Adam Sandler “Something that could have been brought to my attention YESTERDAY”.
I plan on eventually cleaning up the code, commenting and DEFINEing some of the offsets to make the code prettier as well as adding features like dumping the md5 authentication. Let me know if you get any use out of this as well as any features you’d like to see.

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