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Tool Release – webshot – Web and URL Screenshot tool

Synopsis: I’m releasing version 0.1 of a web screenshot tool I wrote to make recon of a target organizations web resources very fast and effective. Details: I chose to write a tool to perform this task after trying to find one that fit my needs but unfortunately the tools I found either didn’t fit exactly […]

Social Engineering – Scraping Data from Linkedin

Summary: A method and scripts to grab bulk data from Linkedin profiles and format it, using Burpsuite, curl, grep and cut. In this case to create a username list for identifying emails and domain accounts. Foundation: I was performing a relatively unique task for a social engineering engagement for a client. Normally I’ll just receive […]

Three ways to count to 255

As an easy reference, here’s 3 ways to generate an IP address list for use with other scripts using three common scripting methods. 1. Windows For command Command: FOR /L %variable IN (start,step,end) DO command [command-parameters] Example: for /L %I (1,1,255) DO echo 192.168.1.%I >> IPs.txt 2. Bash Shell Example: for (( i=1; i<=5; i++)); […]

Cisco Poller Perl Script

Very extensible perl script to periodically poll Cisco devices via telnet and send any commands to the device and save the output.

Repeat Perl Script

Wrote this 7 line simple perl script a while ago. I can’t believe how many times this has come in very handy. Simply create an ‘in.txt’ file and separate your variables with a newline. Adjust the print statement to reflect what you’ll want to do and pipe the output to a file. Perfect for creating […]